Look! Such amazing and

complex is our body!

Such an attentive it must be, to take care of the body health!

Such a careful it must be, to restore the body, if it not healthy!

Professor, MD, DO, DM (Res)

Victor Matvienko

once told me:

"To work only by hands

full of love. No other way".

Since that moment, my life has completely changed

       Andrew Taylor Still is a man of great soul and compassion. Teacher and founder of the World School of Osteopathy. Medical Doctor and Doctor of Osteopathy, he has united anatomical exactness of official medicine, and endless sensitiveness and energetic fullness of the hands of the healer. 

       He was looking for a way how to regain health, extending his hands to the very human nature, asking it to return the body to a lost unity, when no other ways are seen when the gates of hope are already closed.

       He went through pain, loss and disappointment, but at the cost of his suffering a great technique was born that healed many people. Eternal Glory to the Great Teacher. Low bow to his Labor.

ATStill 001
ATStill 001

ATStill 002
ATStill 002

ATStill 005
ATStill 005

ATStill 001
ATStill 001


Dmitry Vasilyev

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner (DOMP)

Kill pain!
Stress release!
Feel free!
Prevent disease!
Always welcome!
Ever please!


Manual osteopathy is a very delicate

and profound work at different levels of the body with the goal of restoring health to the body or maintaining it at an optimal level.

Manual Osteopathy is an alternative nature way to health

It is an honor for me to be a member of the  Manitoba Osteopathic Association

My Great Teacher Ever!
Dr. Shahin Pourgol

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